Services and Products

Our services cover a wide spectrum, from custom design to efficient implementation, offering cutting-edge lighting solutions to highlight each project.

Lighting projects

The purpose of a lighting project is to guarantee the correct execution of a lighting solution, defining and consistently executing the set of necessary interventions.

Unlike the program (which is primarily a planning exercise) the lighting project is an execution-oriented exercise.


Conceptual design or preliminary project
Basic project

Program phase

Program planning
Constitution of work team
Analysis of starting information (needs and conditions)
Preparation of project plan
Detailed requirements review

Project development

Conceptual design (preliminary draft)
Advanced Conceptual Design

On-site monitoring

Assistance to the property (or construction management) in the control of supplies and installation of equipment

In case of equipment provided by ca2L:

  • Comprehensive supply service
  • Monitoring the installation process
  • Management system programming (when they exist)
  • Review of final installation according to design specifications

Specific Solutions

We specialize in offering custom lighting solutions that address the specific needs of your business. Our methodological approach adapts flexibly, establishing strategic agreements with partners to provide comprehensive solutions. Backed by experiences and successful case studies, we guarantee results that exceed expectations and enhance lighting excellence in your business environment.


We have exclusive agreements with the main lighting equipment manufacturers.